Casa Solares

Museo della Liquirizia “Amarelli”

Around the 1500 century the idea of commercializing licorice pop up in the Amarelli family, the owner of this little but very successful industry. In 1731 Amarelli family starts a little industry to make licorice juice, in this way black licorice was born and made the happiness of kids and adults. After 300 years Amarelli becomes part of The Henokiens a club where only 40 european industrial families belong and there companies must have at least 200 years.
There are many fantastic candies you can taste. In order to visit the Amarelli museum and the industry you can book at : 00390983511219.

The visit hours:

  • Till end of june: 9.30-12.00 15.00-17.00
  • July-15 september: 10.00;11.00;12.00; 17.00;18.00;19.00

The visit to the production is just in the morning from Monday to Friday: 10.00; 11.00

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